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or full rss generator is the best full-text-rss-feed converter. It's an online tool to convert partial rss feed to full story rss feed. Many websites only provides a headline with short excerpt of the main article in their rss feeds, to read full articles or news you have to click the link and go to their websites. Now you can easily & quickly grab full articles and news from any site without need to visit each site, all you can do from one place: Just enter your summarized rss url & the access key, you will get the full articles in seconds!

With the latest technology, is the best tool on the net to extract any rss feed and grab the full content articles. Read and follow the latest news from: Google News, Yahoo News, Bing News, CNN, TIME, Ezine Articles, Sooper Articles, CNET, MSNBC and many more! If you are a webmaster or blogger, you can use it as a content solution for your blogs or websites that can help you build SEO friendly blogs. This tool will help you pull fresh new articles & the latest news about any topics, any niche, any keywords! You can also use this tool to build powerful automatic blog, just generate the full text rss url & put it on any WordPress autoblog plugin.

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FREE Access Key now: "FREE16BC3", make sure there's NO SPACE before or after the access key. If this key doesn't work, please try again the tool after 30 minutes, system will generate a new key automatically.

Please note that this access key is a temporarry key, and will valid for few days only.

If you don't have any idea what you have to enter into "Enter Source Feed" fields, you can try one of below feeds:
  • Google News search:;=rss
  • Bing News search:;=RSS
  • Yahoo News search:

  • Don't forget to change "YOUR+KEYWORD" to your own keyword, e.g.: seo, iphone, web+hosting, internet+marketing etc.

    This application is licensed under AGPL3, the source code available for downloading if you want host it yourself. Please contact us for further information!

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